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90 YEARS doing history



Founded on July 26, 1927 in São Paulo, Aliança Metalurgica started its activities with a production of artistic chandeliers, passing for several stages of increasing process. The company provided door hardwares to Brazilian Armed Forces. In 1949, the owners built an advanced factory for that time, in the neighborhood of Jaçana, where started to produce a new line of door hardwares (door locks, trim, clasps etc).

Nowadays, with an area of 116,000 m² (17,000 m² building area), about 800 employees and representatives in Brasil and overseas, Aliança Metalurgica S.A is recognized as one of the biggest manufactures of gas regulators, door locks, door hardware, casters and sliders.

Our product line, with more than 900 items, is designated to civil construction in its most various segments. Searching for the continued improvement of quality and exceed the expectations of its various costumers, Aliança Metalurgica got in February of 2001 the certification in Management Quality System ISO 9001 regarding Gas Regulators, from the certification body D.Q.S Registro Nº 200611Q1.


Max Lovwenstein founded Aliança Metalúgica initially with focus on the production of artistic chandeliers.

Construction of Jaçaña plant, an extreme important moment and full of union. The bricks used in the building were manufactured for ourselves giving origin an extremely modern architectural project for the time.

In 1963 we started the production of our mainly product, the Gas Regulators. The production which we are leaders and pioneers in Brasil.

After the passing of Max Lowenstein, in 1966, the company was assumed by his two sons, João Alberto and Walter Lowenstein, who were in charge of the company with the same dedication and sharing their father’s dream.

Daisy Lowenstein assumed the company in 1976, who showed dedication and admired commitment since then.

Launch of the line Colonial, a product with a modern design and extremely well accepted by the market in that decade.

Although the difficult political moment, we had an optimistic and professional posture, worried with the innovation and offer product with quality, design and safety. We launched the Security Lock F2000, a successful product.

We continued with the vision and search for quality and innovation. Then, we proved to be ahead with the pioneering of manufacturing padlocks in ZAMAC.

With the goal to offer the door locks with a modern and sophisticated design, we launched the lines Risk and Quadratta, that gained space in the market and our customers houses.

We have completed 90 years! There are 9 decades of passion, learning and a lot of union. We are a company close to our suppliers, customers and consumers, always concerned to evolve and make the day by day of those who are around us happier and safety.